Monday, July 28, 2014

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Traktor DJ (apps for iPad)

Traktor DJ takes the same formula that made the desktop version of the app one of the most-used DJing solutions on the planet, strips it back, and just lets you have fun. Everything you wouldn't want to control on a touch screen is taken care of — beat matching, downbeat detection, and all manner of high-level tasks are automated.

Flipboard (apps for iPad)

This personalized magazine offers one of the best reading experiences on the iPad thanks to its broad library of content and elegant design. Secret best use of Flipboard: use it to browse Instagram on your iPad's big screen.

Mailbox (apps for iPad)

The genius of this email app is to make processing your inbox so fast that it's fun. Manage your messages just by swiping a finger, or connect a keyboard and fire off some replies. A recent update lets you connect iCloud and Yahoo accounts as well as Gmail.

ShowYou (apps for iPad)

Staying up to date on the latest viral videos can be a chore. Connect your social networks to ShowYou and it will track everything your friends are sharing, freeing you watch their picks when you're ready. A recent redesign has it looking better than ever.

AirDisplay (apps for iPad)

AirDisplay lets your iPad (or iPhone) serve double duty as an additional wireless external monitor. Setup over your Wi-Fi network is simple, and once paired, your laptop or desktop machine treats your iOS device as a second screen. Put some tweets on it!

Gmail (apps for iPad)

Slowly but surely, the native iPad Gmail app has improved, and there are more reasons than ever to move beyond Apple’s stock Mail app. With multiple accounts (up to 5), full label support, iOS notifications, and the best email search available, Gmail makes it easier than ever to get to inbox zero.